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Perfect Products for any Dachshund Owner


Dachshund Dachshund

Is your Best Friend a Dachshund? Do you have a friend whose best friend is their Dachshund? Basically, have you ever seen a Dachshund, period? Aren't they cute! If you have an affinity at all for wiener dogs, check us out! We are working night and day to bring you Dachshund products that really showcase your obsession! Here at HouseBroken Clothing we know about Obsession! Take a look at our stuff and become the Crazy Dachshund Lover we know you can be! 

Dachshund Coffee Mug

Good morning! But first...Coffee with my Dachshund

Time to fill this puppy up with some nice hot COFFEE! Now you can share your morning and have a Cup O Joe with your Dachshund! Whether you like your coffee black or with cream and sugar, one thing is for sure, you'll never want to drink your coffee out of anything else ever again! 

Perfect gift for the Coffee Loving Dachshund Lover in your life!

  • 16oz Dachshund Wiener Dog Coffee Mug
  • Ceramic Mug
  • Image is Printed on the Mug
  • Black Handle and Inside
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher safe

Dachshund Shirts for Men and Women

Congratulations! You found your new favorite shirt!! Im so happy for you! Represent your best pal AND your love for beer at the same time! This really is the best day ever! Dachshund's Full Body Ale is available on a Mens T-Shirt, Womens Tank Top, Mens Tank Top and Womens Fashion Fit. 

This Dachshunds beer shirt would be a great gift and comes with a hang tag signed by the Artist and Printer which makes this gift not only thoughtful but unique as well! Go you!

  • Super Soft, Top Quality Fabric
  • Hand Screen Printed and Shipped From USA
  • Dachshunds Full Body Ale
  • Mens Shirt True to Size
  • Womens Tank True to Size
  • Ask about further sizing

Dachshund Drinking Flask

Check out these sweet Flasks! Your Dachshund has got your back (pocket)! No more bar tabs for you! Take this guy out with you tonight instead. I always knew my Dachshund would be the best wing man. Oh and brunch will be a lot more fun with some Hair of the Dog in this 6oz Stainless Steel Dachshund Flask :)

  • Laser cut
  • Comes in gift box with Funnel
  • 6oz Stainless Steel
  • Dachshund's Hair of the Dog

Dachshund Beach Towel


Oh no! Is your HouseBroken Clothing Dashshund Shirt in the Laundry?! Its OK! You dont need a shirt! You are going swimming!

Bring your Dachshund towel with you to the lake or the pool or the beach or ANYWHERE you think you might get remotely damp! You know your Dachshunds got you covered!

  • Available in one Size 30”x60”
  • 52% cotton / 48% polyester
  • Printed on one side only
  • The non-printed side is made of terry fabric, making the towel more water-absorbent
  • Full color sublimation print

Dachshund Gym Workout Shirt

Time to hit the gym! You are working hard on that Bod! We've got the outside covered! 

Bring your biggest fan, your dachshund, to the gym with you! This super buff Dachshund will kill those partner WODS with you! He is Motivating and Encouraging while being sympathetic and understanding at the same time! Your Dachshund believes in you! Represent him always!

Mother of Dachshund Shirt

Mother of Dragons?! Pshh! More like Mother of Dachshunds! Khalessi has nothing on you! I know our pups can sometimes feel like dragons but now you can be politically correct and rock the truth with your Mother of Dachshunds shirt

You are The Mother of Dachshunds!!

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