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Craft Beer Shirts with Dogs


Craft Beer Dog Shirt

HouseBroken Clothing is happy to announce we have a T-Shirt line of designs inspired by some of our favorite things in life. Craft Beer & Dogs. This new line of Craft Beer Shirts have been designed with the beer drinking dog owner in mind. With over 20 breeds of dog shirt designs you're bound to fall in love with one of them.

Here is a Short List of our Craft Beer Dog Shirts.

  • Chihuahua Beer Shirt
  • Boston Terrier Beer Shirt
  • Bull Terrier Beer Shirt
  • Doberman Beer Shirt
  • Pitbull Beer Shirt
  • Dachshund Beer Shirt
  • French Bulldog Beer Shirt
  • Husky Beer Shirt
  • Click here to see all our craft beer shirt

HouseBroken Clothing Brews Beer

We love to brew our own beer, so naturally it was a natural progression for my husband and I to start designing beer labels for the bottles. But now our beer goes straight to keg. All that design inspiration couldn't go to waste so we created Craft Beer Dog Shirts.

It all started 6 years ago when I bought my husband home brew classes at Beer Depot in Lake Worth Florida. Many keg freezers later and tons of parties at the HouseBroken Head Quarters, we are still brewing. From all grain to extract. We always have something new on tap.

Housebroken Clothing Home Brew Craft Beer Shirt Example English Bull Dog

Try One of our Favorite Home Brew Recipes.

This is one of our favorite and easy to make recipes. This is our take on Rocky Raccoon Honey Lager.

Rocky Raccoons Honey Lager

3.5 lbs plain extra light dry malt extract.
2.5 lbs light clover honey
1 oz cascade hop pellets boiling
0.5 oz cascade hop pellets finishing
2112 Wyeast California lager 125 mL

Home Brew Kit

Brewing beer at the HouseBroken Clothing Head Quarters

Beer fermenting at HouseBroken Clothing

Bottled Beer made at HouseBroken Clothing

An Overview on How To Home Brew.

This is a quick run down of how to make this beer. If your interested in brewing beer you should seriously check out a few websites. Look on youtube. A great place to start is and if you're in Lake Worth Florida go check out beer depot and the Funky Buddha.

  1. Boil dry malt extract, honey and boiling pellets for 60 minutes in 3 gallons.
  2. Add finishing hops for last 4 minutes.
  3. Strain into a five gallon bucket
  4. Add 2 gallon bag of ice.
  5. Add yeast when cool.
  6. ferment 2 - 3 weeks
  7. Transfer to keg or bottles. Add priming sugar 1 -2 weeks.
  8. Drink Beer while wearing a HouseBroken Clothing Craft Beer Shirt. You're an official beer drinker now.

Here are some of our beer keg refrigerators at HouseBroken headquarters. I wasn't joking when I said beer was one of our favortie things!


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