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Indian Headdress T-Shirt


Cat Wearing an Indian Headdress Shirt

Cat Wearing Indian Headdress

When I was growing up if a kid became my neighbor, wah-lah I had a new friend. Funny how when you're young you pick your friends based on geographic location.

I really hit the friend jackpot when it was someone who shared the same hobbies as me. Together we skateboarded and played guitar. By our 20's we had formed a band, moved into a warehouse and adopted a VERY large cat. The cats name was Gilmore and he was so big that his game of trying to swat you with his paw from the loft could turn dangerous real fast.

The original version of this cat wearing an Indian Head Dress was inspired by my cat loving friend (who is also part Native American) He is the only person I know whose love for cats goes so deep he builds them teepee homes. The entire cat population is his best friend.

So here it is my friend. An illustration of Gilmore the cat in an Indian Head Dress. His spirit lives on.

Dog wearing Indian Headdress T-shirt

If you have followed HouseBroken Clothing from the beginning you know that we have done the dog in a head dress before. The original design was inspired by one of our friends dog, who actually wore the head dress for a fun photo shoot.  The second version of a Dog wearing an Indian Head Dress was illustrated as a gift to my father in-law who loves our dog Suki. He now has a printed poster of the art work hanging in his home. My father in-law is of Indian Heritage and Suki is one of his favorite animals to see each weekend. Sometimes inspiration just falls into place.

Hope you love these new designs as much as we do. Click here to check out out Dog and Cat wearing an Indian Headdress

Dog wearing Indian HeadDress


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